Accreditations and Licenses

FDA Logo
FamilyCord is in full compliance with FDA regulatory requirements.

FDA ID # 3005342355

AABB AccreditationAABB is an international association representing individuals and institutions involved in activities related to transfusion and cellular therapies, including transplantation medicine. AABB member facilities are responsible for collecting virtually all of the nation’s blood supply and transfusing more than 80 percent of all blood and blood components used in the United States.

AABB—formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks—has continued to support the highest standards of medical, technical and administrative performance; scientific investigation; and clinical application through standard setting, accreditation, education, advocacy and other activities. The association also is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the importance of voluntary blood donation.

AABB Accredited Cord Blood Facility

CLIA (Clinical Labratory Improvement Ammendments) Logo
FamilyCord has been inspected and is currently certified by CLIA.

CLIA regulations enacted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services establish standards that apply to laboratory testing of cord blood, laboratory personnel, quality control, and quality assurance.

Laboratory CLIA ID # 05D0542313

FamilyCord has been inspected and is currently licensed by the states regulating agencies.

Licensed by the California State Department of Health:

Clinical Laboratory License # CLF11085

Licensed for the Production of Biologics – Blood Bank ID # 9776

Tissue Bank ID # CNC80941

  • Cord Blood and Peripheral Blood Progenitor Cells

Licensed by State of New York for Tissue Bank Operation:
Tissue Bank ID # SC062
Tissue Bank ID # CP159TP128

Licensed by State of New Jersey
Blood Bank License

Licensed by State of Maryland
Los Angeles Tissue Bank Permit # TB698
Los Angeles Laboratory Permit # 698

FamilyCord is a member of the Association of Family Cord Blood Banks.

The Association of Family Cord Blood Banks (AFCBB) is an organization representing the family (private) cord blood banking industry and serves as the voice and advocate in matters of public policy, regulation and in the development of standards by accrediting organizations. The association believes that the foundation of public and private cord blood banking rests upon education of both expectant parents and physicians and upon informed consent.